We all make mistakes…

We all make mistakes…

We all make mistakes. Here’s how to make the most of them!

In light of our recent EPIC FAIL of sending out the staff copy of the e-shot, we have pulled together a few examples of marketing fails and how to prevent this from happening to you! These kinds of mistakes happen, but it’s how you pick yourself up and dust yourself off and deal with it that counts!

You may even be able to use it in your favour!

Let’s revisit some of the most talked about disasters as well as some not so well known ones;

Pepsi Kendall Jenner Campaign 2017

Pepsi managed to outrage a large number of people within just a few seconds by using reality TV star, Kendall Jenner in their heavily political advert.

The general gist the public got of the advert is that Kendall Jenner can settle a Black Lives Matter protest by offering a police officer a can of Pepsi. The result was Pepsi and Kendall Jenner being ridiculed on social media and in the news. The advert was quickly pulled.

The Solution: Don’t comment on major social issues, like racism and police brutality, by trying to sell your product.

Did you know: Advertising agencies used it to their advantage, slamming Pepsi’s in-house ad group by saying none of this would have happened if they had used an agency.

Susan Boyle’s Album Party 2012
Who remembers this!? Back in 2012 Susan Boyle’s PR team posted a tweet to promote Susan’s album party that included #susanalbumparty! If only it had been capitalised…
If this was a deliberate PR stunt then hats off to them because it did get an extraordinary amount of attention. So much so that Ed Sheeran piggybacked off the success when he tweeted about his own album party using #sheeranalbumparty.

The Solution: Double check your hashtags before posting! Perform a search on twitter for the one you want to use and see what comes up, it might give you a clue if the results are sinister!

Walkers Selfie Competition 2018

Walkers implemented a social media campaign where customers submitted selfies for an opportunity to win tickets to a major sporting event. The selfies then automatically appeared within a video showing Gary Lineker holding up the selfie.

Unfortunately, some people submitted pictures of dictators, serial killers, and criminals, resulting in a PR nightmare for the company. Some of these tweets were even being shown on massive screens in real time in city centres!

The Solution: When building a campaign centred on social media involvement, you need a system in place to prevent inappropriate, offensive submissions. And/or have a dedicated team to check the submissions as they come in.

A Promotional Company – Pencil Faux Pas

Bureau for At-Risk Youth ran an anti-drug campaign by printing and distributing “Too Cool to Do Drugs” pencils to students. After a bit of sharpening these anti-drug pencils became drug-pushing pencils.
They read “Cool to Do Drugs” and eventually “Do Drugs”. Thankfully Premier is not responsible for this one and we pride ourselves on looking at the bigger picture! They rectified this mistake by printing a new batch with the message in the opposite direction so when you sharpen the pencil you would be left with ‘Too Cool’.

The Solution: Think about the message the whole way through. Ask for a sample and get a feel for how the product will look when it is in use.

Premier Print & Promotions Email Marketing 2018

Last but not least… it’s our own recent mishap when the staff copy of the weekly e-shot got sent to the entire database!

Every week the same e-shot is sent to the staff with a brief description to help them when enquiries come in. Other than that the e-shots are identical so customers received not only the intended email but also the staff copy too!

We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the people that emailed in to alert us of this mistake and were very kind and understanding about it! We are all human after all.

The Solution: Have a second set of eyes go over your scheduled campaigns. Add additional checkpoints in the sign off process and most of all… double check your own work!

Judge us not by our mistakes… but by our ability to correct them. 

Nobody’s perfect, we pride ourselves on being as near to it as possible, but when things do go wrong we take every step to make it right and use it as an opportunity to learn and improve.

If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a marketing mishap during your career, then let the expert staff at Premier Print & Promotions help! The most important thing to do is not panic, then give us a call and we will do everything in our power to help you make the most of the mistake.

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Charlotte Kirby

  • Russell Parker

    November 21, 2018 at 5:24 pm Reply

    The funniest thing I’ve read today and full credit to you for turning around a mistake.

    • Charlotte Kirby

      November 22, 2018 at 9:33 am Reply

      Thank you Russell!

      Let’s hope today is a better day! 🙂

  • CJ

    November 23, 2018 at 10:20 am Reply

    Honesty is always appreciated – nice to know there are humans working behind the scene at Premier. 😉

    • Charlotte Kirby

      November 23, 2018 at 10:25 am Reply

      Thank you for your kind comment, we certainly are human and have slip ups like anyone else! 🙂

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